santafeSanta Fe Capital Management is a fiduciary. CPAs and Attorneys are also fiduciaries meaning they can only act in your best interest. All three categories cannot receive money or free services or gifts from anyone except for payment for services by the client. I have 35 years of experience and appreciate the opportunity to introduce my firm and services. Visiting my website is an important first step toward managing your wealth wisely.

I am happy to work with any U.S. citizen whether located here or abroad. Although, we love face-to-face meetings with our clients, we are happy to work solely by phone. If you are interested in fee-only investing then give us at call at 505-820-1177 to schedule an initial consultation.

What does fee only mean for you?

  1. I receive no commissions. I am responsible only to you.
  2. I work with your tax and legal advisors as needed to insure all your bases are covered.
  3. Defining your wealth management goals by yourself can be challenging. I help you make a plan that addresses your goals.
  4. Quarterly Reviews
  5. Investment Management
  6. Economic Analysis